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Trustees are vital to providing good quality trust-based pensions and protecting members' benefits. Guidance and resources to help you in your important and challenging role.
Understanding your role

Your duties are wide-ranging - from the collection of contributions to the investment of assets and payment of benefits. Scheme members look to you to make sure that their pension benefits are secure.

Managing DB benefits

The areas of defined benefit (DB) scheme management key to ensuring a well-run and well-funded scheme.

Managing DC benefits

You need to focus on a number of areas if your scheme provides defined contribution (also known as ‘money purchase’) benefits.

Reporting requirements

You can fulfill your reporting requirements using our online service Exchange. It allows you to share information about your work-based pension scheme with us.

Managing a scheme with mixed benefits If you run a scheme that offers mixed benefits (sometimes known as a 'hybrid scheme') you need to manage the defined benefit (DB) elements as if they were a DB scheme and manage the defined contribution (DC) elements as if they were a DC scheme.
Independent trustee register

The Pensions Regulator is required by statute to compile and maintain a register of trustees who fulfil certain legislative conditions. The regulator meets this requirement through the creation and maintenance of its trustee register.

21st Century Trusteeship

Our campaign to improve the standard of trustees managing workplace pensions.